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Lovely stop on the way home from Darien Lake

Stopped for ice cream on the way home.  Great service, great selection, good prices.  My little boy asked for strawberry, but when he saw his sister's cotton candy ice cream was blue and purple - he started crying about his choice.  We solved the dilemma.  What impressed me most though was that the manager came over and asked if he could do anything or change anything so that my son would be happy!  WOW.  You cannot buy that kind of thoughtful service anymore.  It will be a stop for us anytime we find ourselves nearby!


 - Dot1023NY (TripAdvisor)




Fresh, fresh, fresh. Great burgers (not frozen) with home cut fries (3 ways). Delicious and addicting. Get the single burger and save room for a Perry's ice cream dessert. Excellent! 


- Mary (Urban Spoon)




This is the kind of place that will become a local favorite--it's super friendly and non-pretentious while serving big satisfying portions of fresh and delicious foods. The menu is full of comfort ffare--burgers, chicken fingers, soups, sandwiches, and salads--that can be customized to tastes and appetites. I ordered a baby burger (1 patty) with tomatoes and pickles and fries and was impressed by the freshness and flavor. The burger was hot, thick, and juicy, and the bun had that distinctive mix of softness and chewiness that comes from bakery-made rolls. The ribbon-cut fries were potato-chip like in crunchiness and texture, but were much more fun to eat (and share!). You'll see what I mean.

If you hate burgers and fries, at least come for the milkshakes made of real, locally made Perry's ice cream. They are creamy and delicious, and the staff will cheerily mix ice-cream flavors  and malts to your exact specifications.

So, try it out! This place could quickly become your favorite family hang-out.


- Julie (Yelp!)


Great food, great atmosphere

I ordered a single burger, ribbon fries, and ice cream. All were delicious! The burger in particular tasted very fresh. The staff couldn't have been more friendly, and I'd definitely go back.


- Hillary (Urban Spoon)



Stopped to eat on a visit to upstate and fell in love!  Any place that can make my four boys all happy at the same time officially wins a permanent place in our family's hearts and stomachs!  We will see you again on our next trip!


- Laura (Facebook)


Absolutely fantastic!

I have had many a meal at Johnny Bear's, and this place has yet to disappoint me. The burger patties are so fresh, and seasoned fantastically! I cannot get over how tasty the rolls are too. The fried chicken breast sandwich is great too! It's crisp and not greasy at all. The chicken fingers are crisp, and one order is very large. A great improvement they've made is with their fries. They've always been good, but back when JBs opened in the summer, the fries were thinner and a little oily. Now they're thicker cut, so they're not greasy at all, and the portions are MASSIVE! One basket could feed a small army. And the prices are so low! I'll come back here time and time again. 


 - Deanna (Urban Spoon)



"Fresh, Fun Menu - Delicious Burgers and Fries"

We had a large party (from toddlers to senior citizens) and everyone loved their food. The house specialty is fries - all hand-cut and made to order with huge portions. The ribbon fries were much like homemade potato chips (delish!), but the curly fries were most popular at our table. I personally liked the regular fries best - crisp, not greasy, with skins on them. Portions were so large we had to pass on trying the sweet potato fries - maybe next time. The owners explained the burgers are made with fresh meat,using homemade buns from a local well-known bakery, and were incredibly good. Ditto the shakes, made the old fashioned way with hand-dipped ice cream in silver canisters. The quality of the burgers, fries and shakes reminded me of an In and Out, but on the east coast. I will return whenever I'm in the area visiting family and need a "healthy" junk food fix. Really yummy! 


- MaineBiztraveler (Trip Advisor)



Johnny Bear's is a fun, cozy place full of smiles and delicious menu items that will appeal to everyone from young sweet-toothed kids to serious burger-loving adults. I had a bowl of their (seasonal) soup and a single/baby burger, and our table shared two orders of the ribbon-cut fries. (Most of us were smart enough to order milkshakes for dessert--flavors ranging from peanut butter to cookies-and-cream to malted strawberry. Mmmm!)


All of the food was delicious, fresh, and AUTHENTIC--hand-formed patties, fries made from real potatoes, shakes made from real ice cream. People who miss the taste of real food will love this place.


Ordering was a breeze, service was fast and friendly, and the food was tasty, fresh, and filling. I can't recommend it enough. 


-  Julie (Urban Spoon)



If you're going to Darien Lake Park, Johnny Bear's is just east of Rt. 77 (it used to be Beachy's).  The food is just great.  And (I mean this) say hello to Johnny, he's always there.


- Bob (Facebook)




I stopped in over the holidays and had a really great meal - I found out they use only fresh meat in their burgers, plus the bun from a local bakery was outstanding. We had a large party, so we tried all three styles of the hand-cut fries and enjoyed each variety.  If you're a fan of homemade potato chips, try the ribbon fries. Old-fashioned hand-dipped shakes, too.  I loved this place - I wish I lived nearby so I could become a regular.


- Brenda (Yelp!)



Tried Johnny Bear's tonight for the first time since the previous owner.  Everything was great.  Handmade burgers with flavor!  Juicy and cooked well.  Ribbon cut fry's reminiscent of the Fair, but better.  They were cooked all the way through and not overly greasy.  We will definitely go back again.


 - Jerry (Facebook)



Was at the restaurant this weekend with my family and we absolutely loved it - can't wait to be back!


- Sara (Facebook)