Bear Trivia Quiz

See how much you REALLY know about these big furry creatures!  Click the link at the end of the quiz for the answers (no cheating!).


1.     Most people are familiar with black bears, polar bears, brown bears, and giant panda bears.  Can you name the eight bear species?



2.     Prior to 1995, scientists believed that the giant panda was actually not a bear, but a type of:

a.     Racoon                  b.     Primate

c.     Wild Cat               d.     Marsupial



3.     Bears are found on all of the following continents except:

a.     Europe                  b.     Asia

c.     Antarctica            d.     South America



4.     What state has the largest population of grizzlies?

a.     Montana                b.     Wyoming

c.     Idaho                    d.     Alaska



5.     What type of bear is the largest living bear today?

a.     Grizzly                  b.     Black

c.     Polar                     d.     Panda



6.     Where do bears live?

a.     North of the equator

b.     Along the equator

c.     South of the equator

d.     All of the above



7.     How long can a polar bear hold its breath under water?

a.     1 minute                 b.     2 minutes

c.     5 minutes               d.     10 minutes



8.     Bears love honey and tear apart bees' nests to get to it.  Which is the only part of a bear's body that is unprotected from bee stings?

a.     It's nose

b.     It's ears

c.     It's paws



9.     How much do black bear cubs weigh when they are first born?

a.     1 pound

b.     5 pounds

c.     10 pounds



10.    Why are grizzly bears called grizzly?

a.     Because they drool alot

b.     Because they have grizzled color fur

c.     Because they get angry quickly



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